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How to Check KeepassX .sig Signatures With GnuPG

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This example uses KeepassX but works the same for other projects which use .sig signature files (another example is OpenResty).

First install GnuPG for your OS. Ubuntu has it usally installed from scratch. For OS X use Homebrew and install it with brew install gnupg.

Ansible Vault File Handling

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If you are familiar with DevOps you hopefully know this advice:

Never ever store secret keys in your source code repository!

If someone gains access to your repository then they will also gain access to your whole infrastructure!

How to Fully Uninstall the Official Docker OS X Installation

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No offense against Docker. I like the concept and the software!

– This guide works for docker toolbox and old boot2docker, some boot2docker steps uninstall steps are not needed but it will not hurt for docker toolbox uninstallation –

But I absolutely do not like the official Docker OS X installer (install manual). Things are improved with docker toolbox but uninstalling is still not trivial.

The reason for this are:

  • It installs Virtualbox and has downgraded my existing Virtualbox Host software (seems this is fixed for Docker toolbox now).
  • It installs an app and several binaries.
  • Everything packaged up into a .pkg and no uninstall app or instructions anywhere!

Switched to Octopress From Blogger

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So I finally switched from Blogger to Octopress. Main reason was that Blogger itself is not very developer friendly especially if you want to write code like this is is code in blog posts.

Octopress has a wonderful documentation how to get it running on github pages and the standard design is very good for my needs.