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Switched to Octopress From Blogger

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So I finally switched from Blogger to Octopress. Main reason was that Blogger itself is not very developer friendly especially if you want to write code like this is is code in blog posts.

Octopress has a wonderful documentation how to get it running on github pages and the standard design is very good for my needs.

I managed to migrate my old (two only) blog posts from Blogger and get everything setup on the weekend. I will maybe describe in a seperate posts how to install, migrate, publish on Github and fine tune Octopress.

Octopress 2.0 also seems a little bit dated and has some small bugs / missing features and I can strongly recommend the article Octopress Paper Cuts from Alex Rothberg.

The only main thing I do not like on Octopress is that everything is Ruby/Jekyll based with lots of dependencies (I wonder how smooth upgrading Octopress will work out) and I wished something like Hugo (written in go and one single binary) would have a bigger fan base. But Octopress beside Jekyll is the biggest player on static blog creation systems and has the most 3rd party plugins. A big dev community is priceless!

I also switch to my own domain entirely and the Github server which is serving this site has enough bandwidth if I will ever write some meaningful articles which will get linked to HN ;) :p